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Soul Therapy: Healing & Integrating the Soul

Soul Therapy is the healing of the Physical, Emotional, and Mental bodies by working with the soul. Even if one does not believe in the soul this process will work. It takes no real training and you can use it on yourself. Does this sound too good to be true?

This healing modality is very flexible and dynamic. The healing work can be done on oneself, someone can work on you, you can work on another person and it even works on animals. This healing practice can even be done when the person receiving the healing is not present by simply weavering their image. Their name or image can also be placed under a sacred pyramid so that a continuous stream of healing energy will be sent.

Other tools can be added to increase the energy of the healing and the tools can be used to create a profound meditation experience. Sacred forms can be placed in a room for visual meditations. Vajras (with sacred forms on the ends) may be held during meditation and during healing to increase the depth of the experience.

The Process

The process of Soul Therapy calls on Archangel Michael for the healing. This is done telepathically with the use of tools specifically designed for this purpose. The tools include Etheric weavers, vajras, mats with magnets and crystals, pyramids, and other tools. These tools are made of either man grown crystals or natural crystals with a magnet on either side and copper wire wrapping the crystal and holding the magnets in place. The Etheric weaver is used like a pendulum, it swings gently at will. The healing practitioner merely holds the weaver over themselves or another person and allows it to naturally swing. It is helpful to also play sacred music.

The way the weaver works is to clear all astral energy and to energize the Etheric field. Astral energy is created by emotions, illnesses, trauma, and karma. Cords are a type of astral energy that we send out to other people and attach to them. They in turn attach cords to us. We also attach cords to everything we touch. As we go through life the various forms of astral energy take "chinks" out of our Etheric field. The energy in our Etheric field is called Chi by the Chinese, Ki by the Japanese, and Prana by the Indians of India. It is our vital life force. When it is drained away or pulled out of us we begin to feel tired and run down. This in turn leads to mental, emotional, and physical issues that if left unchecked will manifest into "dis-ease" and eventually to illness.

A Vajra is an Etheric weaver with a geometric form at each end. These may be tetrahedrons, octahedrons, star tetrahedrons, icasohedrons and so forth. The Vajra can also be hung in a room or set out to keep the room clear, it can be held in one or both hands, or it can be wired to a special magnetic mat to enhance the healing intensity.

The best way to experience deep levels is to be under a 53% pyramid, on a mat and have someone weaver you. There is more information about this on the Pyramid page.

The following pages have images and more in depth information on each of the tools used in Soul Therapy:

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