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Shamanic Practices and Healing

By using Shamanic practices a wide spectrum of healing work is possible. Shamanic practices are as old as humanity itself, these are the basic and fundamental practices used by our ancestors. It is spiritual work that aligns us with our own nature, connecting us to Mother Earth. In Hawaii the shaman is known as a Kahuna. Click on the links below to go to that specific topic.

  • Healing - Healing facilitated by calling on spirits, teachers, and power animals
  • Power Animals - Retrieval of Power Animal for healing and other purposes
  • Soul Retrievals - Soul retrieval for becoming complete and integrated
  • Rituals - Rituals for changing your life, letting go, or processing other issues
  • Mantras - Mantras for use in manifesting a new life, healing, and/or clearing old ways
  • Energy Stones - Energy stone with a power animal - personalized for you
  • Other Possibilities - other healing possibilities using shamanic practices

If you wish to learn more about shamanism, Dancing Bear recommends "The Way of the Shaman" by Michael Harner, PhD.

This form is healing is done by "journeying" in non ordinary reality to the beat of a drum or rattle with the intention of visiting a teacher or power animal for guidance and instruction. Shamanic healing takes place in many forms depending on what the spirits recommend. A divination journey is performed first to determine the best course of action. During the journey a power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, or ritual may be returned as part of the information to be given to the person requesting the healing. Sometimes your spiritual teacher/power animal may instruct you that any or all of the information retrieved may be performed in subsequent journeys.

Occasionally, the spirits come into the room to do a spontaneous healing during the journey.

Sometimes the spirits also make recommendations about visiting a medical practitioner. What ever is retrieved needs to be considered.

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Power Animals
Power Animal retrieval is performed during a shamanic journey. An animal specific to you is retrieved with special qualities which you may now call on to facilitate your own healing and personal growth.

These Power Animals are not available to bring harm to any living thing or to Mother Earth. Abuse of such power results in its energy being taken away.

Once you have a Power Animal you may telepathically communicate with it for advice, understanding, strength, etc. There are many ways to facilitate this communication, some of which follow:
  • Journey to the animal and ask it directly
  • Meditate envisioning yourself becoming the animal, once you have merged together then you can communicate directly
  • Think of the animal just before going to sleep, asking it to answer your questions in your dreams also asking to remember your dreams
  • Go into nature or the zoo, someplace where you will see the animal, send the animal love to create a connection, and then ask questions.
  • When all else fails just sit quietly, think about the animal, and ask your questions - the answers will come to you in other ways over the next few days
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Soul Retrievals
Soul retrievals are intended to retrieve soul parts that were lost. Each piece has its own characteristics that once reintegrated enhance our own capacities in that area. For instance if a soul piece were stolen from us as a child that has the quality of love we may have grown up with a closed heart, making it difficult to show or to give love. With the return of the missing quality our heart is healed and we are now able to begin to learn how to love.

Soul retrievals were reintroduced to humanity by Sandra Ingerman who has two books on the subject "Soul Retrieval" and "Welcome Home". They are both worth reading if a deeper understanding of the powerful process is desired. Visit the shaman book section for more information on the books.

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Rituals have been an integral part of human evolution since prehistory. These powerful processes can help us move beyond the limits we create for ourselves and have the power to heal. Typically a ritual is a set of instructions that must be carried out exactly, with a specific intent in mind. The ritual is given on a journey by a teacher or power animal who will give specific instructions about performance of the ritual. Typically the time and place are given along with a song, mantra, or meditation that is to be done. Typically the ritual is done only once.

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This process is again a journey to a teacher or power animal who is asked to help. The teacher provides words that can be chanted. The words may also be given with a song and/or a dance. The mantra is repeated over and over for about 15 minutes. It can be used any number of times as needed for anything from clearing a headache to improving business. Visit the meditation pages for more information on how to use mantras.

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Energy Stones with Power Animals
This practice is something that Dancing Bear's own Power Animals taught her. It is the selection of a specific stone for a particular individual. To energize the stone take a journey to retrieve a power animal which is then put (blown) it into the stone. The stone is then programmed and personalized for the intended recipient. The recipient of the stone is now able to telepathically communicate with the stone and the animal within to ask for advice, healings, protection, information and so on. The stone can be carried with the individual in their pocket or medicine bag. Power Stone are available at the Dancing Bear Store.

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Other Possibilities

We are dealing with teachers and power animals that know a great deal more then we can even imagine. This means that we can journey and ask for what we do not know and even how to ask for what we do not know. Do an open journey that says "I need help" then name an issue or ask for direction from your power animal or teacher. The spirits are incredibly compassionate about our needs and are willing to provide us with direction that will improve and change our lives. Remember to have an open mind and not expect that everything will be the way you want it.

A Word of Caution
It is important in shamanic practitioners work with a group and always come from a place of unconditional love. If one practices alone they run the risk of being influenced by darkness and begin to think that they are the ones doing the healing leading to a downward spiral on their Spiritual path..

Order a Power Stone Would you like your own Power Stone, customized to your soul with your power animal? To request more information by using our Contact Us page. Be sure to mention Power Stones.

Shamanic Drumming Circle Dancing Bear no longer does individual shamanic healing sessions but does still conduct Drumming Circles. To request more information by using our Contact Us page. Be sure to mention Drumming Circles.

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