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Healing with Angels

Communicating with Angels is the most rewarding and enlightening ways that one can heal. There are angels for everything, if you can think of it there is an angel who is ready to help you - just for the asking. Angel Healing calls on angels to help with whatever healing is desired. this modality may be combined with any other healing modality. Angels see everyone as one. For us to see everyone as one we need to feel unconditional love toward everyone. The best way to do this is to have "no anger or hostility" toward anyone. Below is an exercise to help you with the process of forgiveness and letting go of toxic emotions:

One of the most important healings that anyone can do is that of forgiveness. Call on the angel of forgiveness for help. Forgive everyone you have ever known (past, present, and future) and ask for forgiveness. Simply think of people that have ever hurt you, you may not even remember their names and forgive each one in turn. Repeat this until you can no longer think of anyone - this may take several days. Then make this a daily practice.

Once you have done this (which can take hours and even days to complete) then it is time to ask to be forgiven. Do the same exercise only ask that anyone you have wronged (past, present, and future) to please forgive you. Repeat this until you can no longer think of anyone - this may take several days. Then make this a daily practice.

Finally, and this is important, do the same thing only this time forgive yourself. If you carry any guilt within, you cannot live in and radiate love. Forgive yourself to release all guilt. You may have been hurt or wronged in a significant way, which cannot be forgotten but you can forgive the person. Doing these exercises will completely clear your energy field, and give you incredible peace of mind. Repeat this until you can no longer think of anything else - this may take several days. Then make this a daily practice

Communicating with Angels

Angels are everywhere. you do not need to go to a medium or "psychic" to communicate with your angels. Simply learn to meditate (silent prayer is the same thing). Make the intention of your meditation to communicate with your Solar Angel - yes you have one, every one does. Be patient and do not rush the process. Ask what you should know. Ask what you need to change.

Naturally you cannot use angels to hurt others or to boost your ego - they just will not communicate or comply. Angels are there, waiting for us to call on them. They cannot interfere but will only help when we call upon them.

Angels live out of the "Space-Time" limitations of our physical being so never think they are "too busy" for us. They are always ready.

Some of the more well known angels are the archangels. At Shambhala Tools they sell a CD called "The Archangels of Heaven". It is particularly enjoyable to play while meditating.

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