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Handwriting Analysis Process

Handwriting analysis requires two things. First a set of goals and second two pages of handwriting that comes from the heart. Following are the instructions for creating a handwriting sample to submit for analysis by Dancing Bear.

Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit. Write out three goals that you want to achieve in your life or some aspect of yourself you want to change. These should be specific goals. For example: honor my creativity by writing a book within one year, or stop procrastinating by starting and completing a project within one month, etc.

These goals can be on an emotional, spiritual, or mental level as well as on the physical plane, as in the above examples. They can be personal, professional or whatever you want. Whatever it is you want to change about yourself, just express it as a goal. Remember a goal has a timeframe, a measure for success, and it is always good to have an incentive or reward for your success.

Write out two pages in your own handwriting. Write from your heart about anything you care about. It can be on any subject but do not copy another source, or take dictation. It should be in prose format and not poetry or other stylized writing. Use a ball point pen. Write on UNLINED, 8.5" x 11" paper. Write lengthwise (landscape) on the paper. Do NOT print, use script even if you never use script. FYI: if you never use script, start NOW as it will change the rest of your life for the better and improve all your relationships.

Submit the handwriting for analysis - use the email contact form to arrange for an analysis. A session will be scheduled for you to discuss the results with Dancing Bear.

You will be given homework to be done every day. This includes writing out the letters that you were given to change. You will also need to keep a daily journal of the changes. You will also be given an affirmation for each letter assigned and asked to live that affirmation for a day.

In Summary:

Generally, one to three letters are given in a session. The letters will correspond to your specific goals. Many times in order for this work to be most effective some letters will need to be assigned as homework prior to some of the letters that specifically address your goals. For this reason more than one session may be required, especially if handwriting consultation has never been used for change before.

For a follow up session only one page needs to be submitted. No additional goals are needed unless the initial goals have been achieved or if a new set of goals is desired.

Follow-up session is generally three to four weeks apart. The first session will take 30 to 40 minutes and follow up sessions are generally 20 to 30 minutes. The sessions can be done in person or over the phone.

Please contact Dancing Bear using the contact form to set up an appointment.

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